Swag Shoppin’

Recently I decided to update my wardrobe by doing some online shopping. Instead of turning to popular online retailing sites, I visited sites like Jackthreads.com and PLNDR.com. Continue reading


Livingsocial/Groupon: Good or Bad?

Here in Riverside, there’s not many places to go as maybe the Los Angeles area, so I was surprised one day to see a Living Social deal for Lollicup Coffee & Tea in the University Village. Now usually, I don’t try to even get the deals on the site cause they’re usually still expensive, kinda far, and nothing I’m dying to have or do. Heard it once on Keeping Up with the Kardasians so I figured the site must be getting bigger. I thought maybe this would be the chance to try something like this out.

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Buy It Now! Shop online

I got an iPad 2 for Christmas, and in a rush to keep it protected, I bought a 40 dollar case from the Apple store. It was black and boring, and not really what I wanted, but it was my best option at the time.  I also wanted a case that covered the front and back, and I was not willing to spend 40 dollars on just a front cover (the magnetic smart cover). Continue reading

Business Suit-able

Being a senior in college, going for interviews and into the work force is inevitable. I usually wear a dress shirt and slacks but I’ve always wanted a suit but it was hard to find one that would fit without being tailored and at the same time be affordable. I am very petite, weighing only 115lbs and standing short at 5’3, so it’s difficult for me to find an appropriate suit size. I went to different stores: Nordstrom’s, stores in Asian plazas, Macy’s and H&M. Little did I know, I would find one at JCPenney–a place I rarely shop at.

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Movies, Bars, & Finance

At my apartment, movie night is a weekly tradition of cinematic fulfillment and ridiculousness. Armed with a trusty bottle of Sailor Jerry (a great mid-priced rum for those of you out there that enjoy the right taste at the right price), we began the evening with Good Will Hunting (synopsis here). Continue reading