New York for Spring Break

I have been wondering about “where to go during spring break”? Definitely not staying in Riverside, so I thought maybe L.A. (again) or San Diego or San Francisco.

I began  searching for transportation. L.A. and SanDiego are easy, but I’ve already been there, and I can go any other weekend. So I looked for flights to San Francisco. First I looked on, which is a website that gets you the cheapest flights, and in my option, American Airlines or Virgin America for $150 round trip were not bad options. However, I was still thinking about it, so I didn’t buy the tickets yet. A couple of days later I was still thinking if San Francisco was a good idea, and then a friend let me know that he  is comming for the summer  and he wants to make a car trip to San Francisco, so I discarded San Francisco.

I thought about going to the East Coast maybe  D.C. or Boston believing the flights are cheap, but big mistake; they are around $700 round trip, which is too much for me. Then I decided to try New York City and I found a round trip flight LAX-NYC for $299 on Virgin America Airlines, so in a moment of “crazyness” I bougth my ticket, without having a real plan of what I’m going to do or where to stay. Luckily for me I found a friend with the same plans  and we looked for the hotel. We ended up booking a hostel for $50 per night (NYC is really expensive) .

I’ve heard that NYC in March is not as cold as winter, but it’s rainy, so I  probably won’t do too much walking in the city, so I decided I´m going to spend as much as I can on museums, like the Metropolitan, Natural History, MoMA, Gugeheim, etc.  So I looked for the NYCitypass which cost me $89, which I think is worth it because the entrance to museums its $30 each. So I decided to buy it because it includes visits to the Empire State,  Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island.

For now I have the flight, citypass and hostel and some money for food, transportation and souvenirs (I want my  “I (heart) NY” t-shirt)

I don’t really know what to expect. Everybody told me that I´ll love NY. It’ll be my first time there and I’m looking forward to spending my spring break there. But for now I need to focus on my finals, so I can go to NYC  with no hard feelings about school .



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