Swag Shoppin’

Recently I decided to update my wardrobe by doing some online shopping. Instead of turning to popular online retailing sites, I visited sites like Jackthreads.com and PLNDR.com. These sites sell clothing and various “swag” items, but at a discounted price. Instead of selling their own brand of clothing, they take other brands of clothing; cycling through daily sales of different brands with an expiration time of 3 days on deals. Often these sites’ selection of clothing for major brands are limited. Much of the clothing offered on these sites are pre-sales, designed to gauge interest in certain designs of clothing. For this reason they are able to offer generous discounts, ranging from 10% to 80% off select styles. Although these sites require a membership to view their exclusive deals, anyone can sign up on their homepage. Established customers also get a $10 credit for referrals of new customers.

I was able to pick up two new hoodies, and a premium sneaker cleaner. If I were to shop for these same styles in retail stores, the hoodies would easily run for about $35 each, or more. Luckily I was able to pick up each hoodie for $18.99. I also got a good deal on the sneaker cleaner – sold at the retail site for about $25 for the whole kit, I was able to grab it at $12.99. The only downfall of my shopping experience was paying for shipping costs. It cost me $9 for standard ground shipping which took about 4-8 business days.

Overall I was happy that I was able to save a decent amount of money (and also a trip to the mall). There are tons of these kinds of discount sites emerging, becoming an increasingly popular place to shop for good looks and cheap deals. With generous return policies, these sites help ease worries of receiving clothing that don’t fit. If you want an invite to these clothing sites, feel free to leave an e-mail and I would be glad to send a referral invite. (:



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