Shopping Spree

What happened to the money I saved in LA?

Honestly I was debating between getting a cellphone plan or going shopping.

In the end, I dropped the cellphone idea, because I was  willing to pay no more than $30. Since I use international text messages to Mexico I had to buy a contract for at least $50 per month, which is too much for me, because for less than $40 a month (that’s what I pay in Mexico) I can get text messages and phone calls from all over the world, no matter where I am. The only issue is that I have a Mexican phone number, so if  someone wanted to text me they must have an international plan.

So I decided to go shopping at the Ontario Mills Mall. At the beginning I only planned to spend $30, but I ended up spending about $45 on really good stuff.

First I was looking for shoes and I love tennis shoes, but since these are my last  few months as a student (I´ll be graduated in June) I will not need them anymore. I had to look for something more formal like boots.  I found boots from Nine West that are not really high heel boots but kind of like UGGS boots that I wear for work during winter with tights and a skirt (if my dress code is business casual).  The price: $14.99; they were on sale from $60.

The next stop was Hollister.  At fist I just looked around and then I saw a table that had T-shirts for 9.99 plus a 25% discount and again I found myself looking for a simple T-shirt.  But it came to my mind to “try to find something more formal”.  Lucky for me I found a tartan blouse and a blue navy 3/4  sleve shirt.  The two of them were $15.

Next was GAP, and I know it’s not big deal, but it’s one of the brands in the US that can actually fit me.  I found a khaki skirt perfect for school and work just for the price of $12.99.

By the time I looked at my watch it was time to catch the bus and go back home. I felt guilty at the beginning because I wasn’t really planing to spend more than $30 and I spent $15 more. However, when I arrived home, tried all the outfit and really check on it I  forgot that feeling I felt happy with what I bought,  especially when I saw the original price from one of the blouses which was $49.99 and it cost me less than $9.99. I actually I saved a lot.



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