Livingsocial/Groupon: Good or Bad?

Here in Riverside, there’s not many places to go as maybe the Los Angeles area, so I was surprised one day to see a Living Social deal for Lollicup Coffee & Tea in the University Village. Now usually, I don’t try to even get the deals on the site cause they’re usually still expensive, kinda far, and nothing I’m dying to have or do. Heard it once on Keeping Up with the Kardasians so I figured the site must be getting bigger. I thought maybe this would be the chance to try something like this out.

The deal was $10 to spend on food and drink at Lollicup Coffee & Tea for $5. I was so excited, I love Lollicup and I love their $1 menu. I figured I’d be able to get 10 $1 drinks which was an awesome deal to me. After purchasing it and obtaining my voucher I read all the fine print that was now bolded and enlarged. “Voucher must be surrendered at the time of purchase” and “Not valid on the $1 menu or happy hour menu.” This meant, I had to use the voucher in 1 sitting. I was quite upset, being a person who only gets $1 drinks. On the flip side, I told myself this was a chance to try new stuff on the menu. One cool thing about LivingSocial is that, if you get a few friends to buy the same deal within a certain time period your voucher is then free. Unfortunately I didn’t get it for free.

I haven’t gone to redeem the voucher yet so I haven’t gone through the whole process, but I’m just thinking if I’ll ever participate in something like this again. Checking back at LivingSocial today, the featured deal is $20 for 5-course meal for 2 at an Indian Restaurant out in Diamond Bar. Like I mentioned earlier, that’s too far.

So I decided to check up on Groupon, a site similar to LivingSocial. I’ve heard about Groupon through online blogs. I read an informal article sharing that  Britney Spears was selling her concert tickets for a discounted rate on Groupon. Checking out the site, Groupon has a cool referral program for those who sign up and purchase something, giving you $10 credit. Something Groupon does too, is they have a rating system for the company involved in the deal.

In the end, I think both sites are great for those who want to try new things for cheaper. Just be sure to read the fine print and make sure you know what you’re getting.

What’s the best deal you’ve ever gotten? Leave your feedback below!


5 thoughts on “Livingsocial/Groupon: Good or Bad?

  1. I saw this deal on Groupon but sadly I missed it. Hope they put it up again. It is a good thing for these deals because it help promotes their stores/ restaurants. But you do have to think about it if you should purchase the deals or not because many people might be giving them bad ratings, like from Yelp. So thats why you see these deals.

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