Save ONE dollar a Day


Ever wanted some extra money? Here’s a really simple tip.Two years ago, I was in Mexico and during my finance class my teacher gave us some tips about saving money.  He started with the basics: make your own lunch, eat at home, use public transportation, share a car , etc. But there was one that caught my attention, “Try to save ONE peso per day” (it was Mexico ) but here in the USA it can  be translated to “Save ONE dollar per day”. It’s simple and easy:  by the end of every day save a dollar in a box (or anything that can be kept safe), whether it’s that dollar that they give you for change or the 4 quarters you have in your pocket.  It’s a simple exercise, and if you begin now, you can have over $300 by the end of the year. But you have to respect the rule of not taking any money out of the box until December 31 2012.



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