Business Suit-able

Being a senior in college, going for interviews and into the work force is inevitable. I usually wear a dress shirt and slacks but I’ve always wanted a suit but it was hard to find one that would fit without being tailored and at the same time be affordable. I am very petite, weighing only 115lbs and standing short at 5’3, so it’s difficult for me to find an appropriate suit size. I went to different stores: Nordstrom’s, stores in Asian plazas, Macy’s and H&M. Little did I know, I would find one at JCPenney–a place I rarely shop at.

Van Heusen Jacket: $45

At Nordstrom’s a jacket went for as much as $150 and I didn’t even think about buying pants since I already have slacks.

Van Heusen Pants: $22

Macy’s doesn’t even make a collection for young men and the sales lady had to direct me to Express and suggested their clothes.  H&M’s blazers were way too big on me. I tried the Asian plaza since they do make clothes for skinnier body types but trying to haggle an old Asian lady was just not going to happen.

Yesterday, my friends and I were just playfully browsing the JCPenney’s at Tyler Galleria working from ridiculous prom dresses to the little boys section. We passed by some infant clothes when my friends made a joke, “Look clothes that fit you!” Then we stumbled upon the young  men’s section and there was a selection of suit separates under the Van Heusen collection. I tried on a Medium sized vest and it was magic! So I delved into the rest of the separates. They had a selection from pin-stripe, black, and navy. In the end, the only selection that fit me perfectly was navy. The size 14 Reg Navy Jacket cost $45, the 14 Reg Navy pants cost $22, and I picked up an extra Medium black/pin-stripe reversible vest for $25.  My total came out to be $99.13, less than 100 but made me feel 100%.

Van Heusen Reversable Vest: $22

You can find some more Van Heusen clothing from JCPenney here, but they’re in the men’s department.

– Alex


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