More Bang for your Buck

A couple days ago I decided to take my chances with the UCR dining services.  One eatery that I enjoyed was the newly refurbished Habanero’s.

Habanero’s is a new Mexican fast food joint that every student on campus should try. This is because UCR has done a great job updating it with flat screen TV’s and fresh produce. Habanero’s is set up similar to that of chipotle. This is because Students have the option of buying a burrito, a burrito bowl, or tacos. Because I like to try new things I decided to buy the chicken burrito bowl with a drink and paid $6.99. Even though this seems expensive, I was still very please by my purchase because the chicken, beans and rice were very flavorful and fresh. The portions were also very large and it seems like a hungry person truly gets his or her money’s worth. But perhaps the most important thing about Habanero’s is that shows the students at UCR how their money is spent. With the establishment updating student food services it shows that they care about our well being.  With rising Tuition it’s nice to see that our money is being spent on something that makes student life more enjoyable…….. Overall, I give Habanero’s a 4 out of 5



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