Movies, Bars, & Finance

At my apartment, movie night is a weekly tradition of cinematic fulfillment and ridiculousness. Armed with a trusty bottle of Sailor Jerry (a great mid-priced rum for those of you out there that enjoy the right taste at the right price), we began the evening with Good Will Hunting (synopsis here).

Now say what you will about Robin Williams’ career, the man is gold in this movie, and him alongside Matt Damon is a pairing like chocolate and chilies; bizarre, yet inexplicably wonderful. The movie’s creative storyline is original, and littered with great one-liners (how do you like dem apples?) that make the movie a worthwhile film. That, and it won two Oscars.

Lake Alice

Last week was also a friend’s birthday, and so a group of us went out to the delightful Lake Alice Trading Co (my yelp review here). We had a blast, and the drinks there are mightily affordable on a college budget. They also had something called Irish Nachos, which sounded like it should be served with a dose of Lipitor it was so fattening, but is probably delicious nevertheless. I’ll provide an update next time I’m there.

The Money$

While Lake Alice promises good times, the price of drinking out is quite a bit higher than you might imagine. Running at between $5 and $9 per drink, three drinks ran me about $25 which was about how much I paid for the bottle of Sailor Jerry on movie night. The only difference was I still had enough rum left over for at least three more movie nights. Granted this comparison does not take into effect certain qualitative factors, such as the thrill (or whatever) of watching The Lakers win that night, or the added convenience of bartenders able to make a variety of different drinks.



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